$150 in Free Insurance Leads

Nathan Kropp: Insurance Leads, Marketing
Thursday, October 10 => Read time: 5 minutes

$150 In Free Insurance Leads from our friend Bob Klee, President of HomeTown Quotes.

If you are a seasoned Insurance Agent, then you probably have heard of HomeTownQuotes.com and their founder Bob Klee. They've been around the block and have been selling leads to agents for 10 years. Bob Klee is a long time Insurance veteran, who has owned Insurance Agencies and sold insurance himself. He is very passionate about providing the best quality Insurance Leads to his agents and that is at the core of their business. They are not a big outfit but have a reputation for high quality and great service. What you probably haven't heard, is that HomeTownQuotes.com recently went though a complete company makeover. In the spring of 2012, Bob met with CEO, Jon Kelly, and CTO, Matt Macchia, pioneers of Insurance Lead generation and Insurance marketing. Combined they now have some of the best technology in the industry to generate high quality leads as well as the brand and experience. We have no doubt that the new HTQ will soon become one of the biggest players in the lead gen space. We've been working with HomeTown Quotes for a long time and since their merger, we've noticed a significant improvement in the quality of leads and contact/transfer rates.

Claim Your $150 in Free Leads Here.

Nathan Kropp
Chief Deal Officer