Deals, deals, deals.

That's all we hope to bring you and your agency. It's not easy being an insurance agent at any point in the process. Whether you're starting out as a new agent or a 10 year veteran, we have the offers to make your business happier, we have the advice to make your life easier.

Meet our Team

Lev Barinskiy

Chief Deal Officer

Nate Kropp

Deal Junkie

Yogesh Pendharkar

Technology Guru

Mark Overstreet

VP. Of New Deals

Steve Glick

Deal Hunter

Shawna Bailey

The Deal Curator

Earl Devanny

The Godfather of Deals

Kevin Lucius

The Artiste

Our Process


With new technologies popping up so fast, it's becoming harder then ever to filter through all the information and find the best companies to work with. We're constantly searching for the latest and greatest and launched InsuranceAgencyDeals.com to share the best of the best.


It's not always easy to negotiate a good deal when you're just starting out. Good think you found us. Because of our many business relationships and existing partnerships, we're sometimes able to get a better deal then advertised.


We've worked with tens of thousands of insurance agencies and the one thing we've learned well is we can't do it all. Hopefully we can share enough of our knowledge with you so we don't have to.